For a major transformation and renovation of the Central Bank of Denmark in 2002, Base was designed and became an integrated part of the project. The furniture fitted respectfully well into the building that is regarded as one of the main works by the Arne Jacobsen, developed in the period from 1965 to 1978. The simple structure of Base responded to a delicate and refined architecture and support an overall modular approach with extensive use of wood and natural stone. Base is, with sandblasted stainless steel and teak wood surfaces, underlining and complementing the architecture.

Low seating, we believe, simulate an informal a relaxing experience, and reduces the number of components as they are multifunctional. The understanding of a multipurpose plinth - a base, where you stay for a short while, we believe is fundamental.

Sandblasted stainless steel frame
Solid oiled iroko wood seat
W370 × D370 × SH400mm

Corner element
Sandblasted stainless steel
W370 × D370 × SH396mm

Bench medium
Sandblasted stainless steel frame
Solid oiled iroko wood seat
W933 × D370 × SH400 mm

Bench long
Sandblasted stainless steel frame
Oiled solid iroko wood seat
W1850 × D370 × SH400 mm