How we position ourselves in relation to each other affects the way we talk together. We need to meet equally, at eye level. This in order to protect ourselves, to feel comfortable and confident, we must be able to move and signal with our body language. It is all part of our communication with each other. Hexagon is designed to provide optimal opportunities to meet, getting placed in the room, indoors or outdoors, wherever we feel most comfortable and with the right distance. Hexagon can be arranged like lopsided or chaotic arrangements making space formal or informal as needed as well as the interaction with the architecture. And with a mix of colors and materials the arrangements can get as nuanced and versatile as the people who use them.

It all starts with three elements with seats and from there on everything is possible and adding connecting table tops the possibilities expands because as all sides on the Hexagon shaped table is prepared for linking. This also means that the setting always can always be rearranged. The 35 mm steel pipe frame secure a stable structure. The mounting of the seat frame to the table top secure that where ever the Hexagon system is placed it stay in a permanent well-organized way.

  • Table top and frame powder coated stainless steel

    Table top and seat iroko solid oiled wood, frame powder coated stainless steel

  • Table : W580 × H730mm, Seat : W335 × H450mm